Essays by a Robot Invader

Entertaining Little Lebowskis

From The Dudespaper. There’s a whole new generation of Little Lebowskis on the way–that’s the way the whole durn human comedy perpetuates itself. Yet if we let the boob tube nurse them, the durn comedy can turn durn tragic. Rev. Stella Quinn discusses ways to entertain Little Lebowskis without having them turn into Little Larrys.

Have Yourself a Dudely Holiday

From The Dudespaper. Rev. Stella Quinn returns to preach the gospel of Christmas – the original, unadulterated first draft. Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive drag–it can be a very dudely time indeed, so long as we abide by its deeper meaning.

Abiding Activism

From The Dudespaper. Rev. Stella Quinn is back with her take on what it means to protest without placards, march without mantras, and occupy without going outside. Just because we’re bereaved doesn’t mean we have to hang out in cold public spaces and hold heavy signs. There are ways, dude . . .

Review: Much Ado About Lebowski

From The Dudespaper. Rev. Stella Quinn finally got the venue she always wanted – as a theater critic of stories and cycles! Attending a performance of “Much Ado About Lebowski” she provides this very dudely review. More importantly, watch as she delivers the blessing for the event! She’s a natural, is she not?

When Life Hands You Lemons, Tell Life You Wanted a Beer

Reprinted from The Dudespaper. Our pal Stella Quinn is back to share some sage advice and sympathy. When life throws you down in the dumps, you can’t be worried about that shit. Or rather, you can. And in fact maybe you should throw a tantrum. The trick is to acknowledge (and even enjoy?) the gutterballs. They’ll roll on by soon enough.

Creedence and The Fuckin’ Eagles, Man

Reprinted from The Dudespaper. Rev. Stella Quinn is back to run through the jungle, look out her backdoor and even get a peaceful easy feeling in this rockin’ good new article. The Eagles and Creedence — divergent poles of musical Dudeism, or merely birds of a different feather? Listen to the high priest of zymurgy’s story.

A Modern Interfaith Relationship

Reprinted from The Dudespaper. Rev. Stella Quinn discusses that very common modern dillemma — what if you’re a Dudeist in a relationship with a Pastafarian? You’d be surprised how often people write in to tell us about this. No kidding. Rev. Stella discusses what it’s like to be special friends with someone of a different Creedence. Those are good spaghetti burgers, dude.

Dudeism for Chicks

Reprinted from The Dudespaper. Recently some in the media have accused Dudeism of being “phallocentric.” This accusation will not stand! The Dudeocracy minds, dude! Rev. Stella Quinn discusses what it means to be a female Dudeist in this strongly imaginal article.

The Court Jesters of Science Fiction (PDF)

Science fiction, film, radio, pop culture. In science fiction, characters representing the media often play a comedic or cautionary role, commenting on our own voyeurism, irresponsible curiosity, or failure to see the obvious.

Poetry in The Hobbit (PDF)

Children’s literature, poetry, structural analysis. Tolkien’s use of different poetry styles for each tribe of Middle Earth helps create distinctive character traits for Hobbits, Orcs, Dwarves and Elves.

Fiction by a Robot Invader

Bella’s Revelation

A work of Twilight anti-fan fiction.

The Last Command of Captain Deathblade

A short story about the origin of everyone’s favorite space pirate’s adventures with a rogue AI and a stolen space ship.

The Pee Cup Club

A true story of high adventure on the freeways of Los Angeles.

Star and Scribe

A comedic science fiction novel in progress.

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