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PlayStation Network is down again

I’d just like to say that this makes it official: PlayStation geeks can now never, ever, ever poke their noses in the air and make fun of the Red Ring of Death ever again. Meanwhile, my Xbox Live account is working just fine . . . heh heh heh . . .

Rock Band Wish List

There will be some kickass additions to Rock Band 3, like keyboards, harmony vocals, and guitars that will actually teach you to play with skillz for realz. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is an especially delicious-looking track (by the way, if you haven’t downloaded the Queen track pack, DO IT NOW) and I’m looking forward to wailing on […]

Down to the last droid

My boyfriend has the day off work, and he’s been playing The Force Unleashed all day. He’s been working long hours lately on a big project, and I’m glad he took some much needed R&R. I knew he was stressed out, but I clearly had no idea. He’s not just killing Stormtroopers and bosses. He’s […]

Halo foolin’ and not so much

Ah, the Halo movie that will never be. I remember when I heard that Peter Jackson was producing it, and big giant tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about how badass every single Covenant alien was going to look. I could practically see the green phlegm dripping from the bifurcated mandibles of […]

Last Weekend

1. I ate delicious turkey and three different kinds of pie. 2. My Xbox was on and in use as long as somebody in the house was conscious. 3. However, said Xbox scratched my brand new frickin’ copy of BrĂ¼tal Legend. The circular scratch of death meant that no matter how much disk repair goo […]

New Toys

I had a long, exhausting weekend of moving furniture, so I rewarded myself with some new toys: Yes, that’s a Warthog RC car with a couple of Spartan action figures. Hoo-rah! I think I’ve now found a better way than e-mail* to deliver messages in the office. Last night I played the first couple of […]