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Please explain it to me.

This is not a joke. I am not kidding. I don’t get why Rush is such a big deal. Everybody is freaking out like OMG RUSH CONCERT NEED MOAR TIX. Really. I don’t understand. I’ve heard their music. It’s okay. If you can explain to me why Rush is a big deal in words that […]

Skin Care or Blue Man Group Audition?

You decide.

Friday the 13th stung me

Bad horror movies. Black cats. Walking under ladders. Broken mirrors. I’d always thought Friday the 13th was a load of superstitious hogwash, especially since in professional know-it-all fashion I know the true origins of this sort-of holiday. The Knights Templar began as a religious order dedicated to guarding pilgrims on the road to Jerusalem after […]

A summer ode to a little bird

I was cleaning out my blog post drafts and found this. I offer no explanation or apology. As the Afternoon grew late With golden slanting sunlight – A Birdie shat upon my Pate – O death of day’s delight! I do not Blame the little Bird Nor question in great furor – For dropping on […]

TSA: Keeping America Safe from My Chonies

It’s been an emotional few weeks for me. First, the horrific news of USC being severely punished for the crimes of Reggie Bush (may he rot in everlasting pig manure). Then, LA reclaims the NBA throne from the Celtics, which makes up for about 50% of the two bowl games the Trojans are banned from. […]

Why I Sometimes Hate the Bay Area

From: My Friend To: [Undisclosed Recipients] Sent: Fri, February 26, 2010 1:54:42 pm Subject: Fwd: “Happy” or “Positive” People Observed to Have Fewer Heart Attacks, Data Show; Positive Emotions May Help Protect Against Heart Disease Happy Friday Family and Friends, Science says smile! I’m sure a lot of you already new this , but I […]

Diversity FAIL

It took me a second to spot it when I was told to compare the images on the English and Polish versions of their Business Productivity tools. At first I just saw three smiling Generic Corporate People, enjoying a Highly Productive Meeting while they look at Charts And Graphs. I noticed slightly different menu options, […]