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Medieval Madness Episode 1 — Killer Rabbit

I think I’m just going to start randomly posting bizarre, out-of-context things from the middle ages that are an utter non-sequitur to modern eyes. You’re welcome.

Fun with Search Suggestions

Leave Big Bird Out of It

Ah, Facebook. The place where I go to send party invites, see family photos, and read psychotic political rants. We all have that one friend from college, that crazy uncle, or that old roommate who seizes hold of the digital soap box that is the Internet and shares their very own special flavor of Kool-Aid […]

I will not vote for you if you are heartless

I don’t have a job. It’s not because I don’t want one, or haven’t tried to find one. There just aren’t any employers who have decided to hire me since I was laid off. That means I don’t currently pay any income tax. It really, really hurts my feelings when someone who wants to be […]

Game of WTF

People kept telling me I needed to check out Game of Thrones. Not people I knew really well — so perhaps that should have tipped me off. Friends who know your tastes can usually make more accurate recommendations. The first five minutes were intriguing. There were three strong characters — the cocksure commander, the veteran, […]

Are these your underpants?

Somebody left these underpants at my house: I found them under the guest bed. I don’t know how they got there and nobody will fess up to owning them. So I’m putting them on the Internet. Perhaps somewhere, out there, somebody can explain how a wormhole opened and magically connected my spare room with your […]

Earl Grey, Hot

I’m not going to be able to sleep until I think this through. Why did Captain Picard always say “Earl Grey, Hot”? He never said “Earl Grey, Extra Hot” or “Earl Grey, Lukewarm”. So why does he have to say “Earl Grey, Hot?” He always orders exactly the same tea at exactly the same temperature. […]