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The great word dump

Due to [insert long and unpleasant story here] the plans I had for last weekend fell through, which means I now have a giant bag of polyhedral dice, fake nunchucks, and several yards of gold lamé and nothing do do with them. (If you need a Halloween costume for a nerdy ninja superhero, hit me […]


Is a fuzzy kitteh curled up next to your feet while you sip tea and write on a Sunday morning.

Make it work

For a while I’ve been frustrated by an inability to take Star and Scribe any further. I’ve had the perfect storm of writers’ block inducing If you want some awesome advice on what NOT to do as a writer, watch Plinkett’s reviews of The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. After re-watching his evisceration […]

I’m a Winner!

SO TIRED. But I did it!!! It ain’t pretty. It don’t make a lot of sense. But dammit, I DID IT. Right now I hate this manuscript too much to do anything with it, but after I finish Star and Scribe I’ll come back to it. For now, it’s time to play some celebratory Rock […]

Today’s Playlist

This is music to NaNoWriMo by. Defying Gravity — Kristin Chenoweth & Idina Menzel Human — The Killers Immigrant Song — Led Zeppelin Janie’s Got a Gun — Aerosmith Hysteria — Muse Jiggy with Reels — Poxy Boggards Love and Wonder (Club Edit) — DJ Earworm The Covenant (One Final Effort) — Martin O’Donnell and […]

Slipping Behind — Must Catch Up

I’m just under 15,000 words for NaNoWriMo. Not enough. I need to write 10,000 more by Sunday if I want to keep my head above water. Eesh. That looks sad, now that I read it. But I’ve had no time at all to write this week, and things should quiet down some over the next […]


After two postings I’ve realized that it would be beyond cruel to inflict my NaNoWriMo project on my readers through blog posts. Vomiting up 50,000 words in 30 days is painful enough for me already because I have to let so many crappy words survive just to keep making my deadline. Also, I write out […]