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Best Thank You Card Ever

I got this from my brother to say thanks for his wedding gift. I think getting this card was almost better than being at the wedding.

Julie is Epic

I award yet another Awesomeness Award to epic customer Julie, who is awesome for all of the following reasons: Her Etsy handle includes the word “Bacon” She sent me a photo of her looking moar epic than Poseidon: And a pic of her hugging a statue of a Viking: Aaaaand best of all, a picture […]

Sneak Preview

Hey Kids! Coming very soon to an Etsy shop near you is this little beauty. Or, should I say, not so little and not so beautiful:

You Shall Not Pass

An awesome father bought this hat for his clearly awesome daughter: With that kind of grit, this girl’s gonna grow up to rule the world. :D

Dr. Lily to the Rescue

I got my niece a Doctor’s kit for Christmas, including a lab coat, a real stethoscope, and of course, gobs and gobs of Unicorn band-aids. Naturally, I received this e-mail: Subject: How I start my morning Date: January 10, 2012 9:15:34 AM PST Lily gives me a check up every day which means I end […]

Old Family Photo

Offered without comment or explanation:

Another Awesome Barbarian

I am just tickled pink that there are people out there excited to look like this: I feel like I need to start the Internet Barbarian League or something.