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My little brother got married today. His new wife and my new sister is awesome, and I wish them both oodles of joy.

Wedding Achievements Unlocked

Our wedding was not without its moments of humor or chaos. The following achievements have been unlocked by wedding attendees whose actions went above and beyond the call of duty: Gestational Awareness goes to the Best Woman, who despite being five months pregnant delivered a very touching toast without devolving into a hormonal emotional wreck. […]

I got hitched

Saturday I married the dreamiest dude I’ve ever met. We had a great time cruising around the bay on our own private yacht tour with fifty awesome friends and family to join the party. People kept asking me if I was excited or nervous. I never really was. I suppose the closest I came to […]

Rickroll your wedding!

Inspired by the pending nuptials of my friends Ben and Boriss, I present you with this humble arrangement of “Never Gonna Give You Up,” the song made famous for its infectiously cheerful music video and its place of honor as the weapon of choice of Internet trolls. I mean, really, is there anything better for […]