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How I Voted

My absentee ballot is in. Here’s how I voted. President/Vice President: Barack Obama and Joe Biden U.S. Senator for California: Dianne Feinstein Proposition 30: Yes Prop 31: No Prop 32: No Prop 33: No Prop 34: Yes Prop 35: Yes Prop 36: Yes Prop 37: Yes Prop 38: Yes Prop 39: Yes Prop 40: No […]

Voting is Easy

I just finished filling out my ballot for the June 5 primary. I’m a permanent absentee voter because I like being able to be sure I’ve got plenty of time to fill the ballot out and really be sure of my answers. It is still possible for me to take my absentee ballot and vote […]

No decent website = No vote

Today is the primary election in California. As usual I procrastinated and am going to have to vote this evening after I’ve done a rush job researching candidates. However, I’ve encountered an interesting filter: website quality. This may not work for the bigger offices, as people like Meg Whitman can afford massive marketing teams. But […]