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Mass Effect 3 – The Love Guide

So let’s get down to what *really* matters in Mass Effect 3: the dating scene. After all, the killer graphics, improved gameplay experience, and thrilling plot line are secondary. Although I’ve really enjoyed playing Skyrim, I gotta say that the whole courtship/relationship thing in that game is a little dissatisfying. All I had to do […]

Another Satisfied Customer

It is so reassuring to me to know that there are people this awesome in the world. I feel so humbled to have the honor of selling this person a hat.

Arkham City so far

Things I expected and have not been let down on: Awesome graphics Gorgeous attention to detail in textures and shading Good character development No wasting time with boring lengthy cutscenes Hunt for Joker trophies is less stupid this time The more open world format makes the game less linear and more fun Things I did […]

Back in the saddle

I got to spend a couple of hours this morning recording some voiceover work and a song for Champions Online, reprising the role of Sapphire for the mmo’s in-game second anniversary party. It was fun to get to do some creative work again. It’s been too long since I had the time to quest with […]

GameStop Employees Are Flippin’ Idiots

Phone rings 37 times before someone picks it up GameStop Drone: Hello? Me: Is this GameStop? GameStop Drone: Oh, yeah. Thank you for calling GameStop – Me: Yeah, thanks. Do you have a power source for an XBox 360? GameStop Drone: A what? Me: A power source for an XBox 360? GameStop Drone: . . […]

Happy Rock Band 2 Me

Finally got my hands on this one. Well worth the sticker price of $59.99. It’s everything I could have hoped for. Great songs, great play, nice overhaul of the User Interface, and fahh-haaa-haaabulous new wardrobe. My favorite so far are the Vigilante Panties. The character design has been expanded, the graphics are higher resolution, and […]