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Ginger or Mary Ann?

Last night I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day properly — with good food, good drink, and most importantly, good company. The conversation drifted to the American education of my British spouse. He’s never seen Gilligan’s Island or Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, so we had to ruminate for quite a while on why these shows are so important […]

Game of WTF

People kept telling me I needed to check out Game of Thrones. Not people I knew really well — so perhaps that should have tipped me off. Friends who know your tastes can usually make more accurate recommendations. The first five minutes were intriguing. There were three strong characters — the cocksure commander, the veteran, […]


AHH! It’s back! It’s back! Holy crap! Jax has gone all “to be or not to be” and Tara’s all Opheliaed out. Abel’s still alive (duh) but in Belfast wtf?? Is Hale dead?? Didn’t see that one coming. Is it next Tuesday yet?

Hulu Plus: Like Netflix, but with Ads and More Expensive

Hulu is finally offering a much-rumored subscription service, and I am not impressed. For ten bucks a month you get a stunning backlog of streaming TV shows that are . . . already available on Netflix for two dollars less. Hulu Plus subscribers will be offered shows in dazzling 720p. Well, at least the paid […]

Dr Who: The End of Time, Part 1

1. David Tennant knows how to look like he is seriously in a hurry like nobody’s business. 2. I’m not sure how time is supposed to end, but I’m guessing I’ll find out in part 2. 3. As far as the BBC is concerned, the magical unicorn dust has worn off of Barack Obama and […]

I Miss The Guardian

I became a regular Guardian reader when I lived in London. Not necessarily because I agreed with every word printed on its pages, but because it attracts some of the sharpest wits in Journalism, especially among its reviewers. Thanks to the Interwebz, I can now read The Guardian, although I don’t do it as often […]


Traveling is fascinating and all, but I found that I don’t particularly like being outside California. Maybe I only feel that way because I travel afar so little. But as much fun as I had on my trip, I kept being pestered by the nagging fact that Other Places pretty much have the same stuff […]