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Earl Grey, Hot

I’m not going to be able to sleep until I think this through. Why did Captain Picard always say “Earl Grey, Hot”? He never said “Earl Grey, Extra Hot” or “Earl Grey, Lukewarm”. So why does he have to say “Earl Grey, Hot?” He always orders exactly the same tea at exactly the same temperature. […]

Tea Partiers: Ur doing it wrong.

I keep seeing things on the news about tea parties. I don’t understand what these people think they are up to. These alleged tea parties involve loud crowds, chanting, picket signs, and something about keeping the change. They are ├╝ber confused about what a tea party is. So all of you out there having tea […]

A Douglas Adamsy Moment

So here I am, sitting at the airport. My flight has been delayed by more than an hour, and I’m surrounded by dirty, smelly people who were too inconsiderate to refrain from breeding, and their spawn isn’t doing much to alleviate the general noise and clutter. There were no seats left, so I went and […]