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How Return of the Jedi was Ruined

As far as I have been concerned, there have only ever been three Star Wars movies. The ones released in 1977, 1980, and 1983, as they were released, sans enhanced digital explosions and insertions of extra storm troopers, banthas, and ghostly Hayden Christensens. When my VHS copies of the unblemished original Star Wars trilogy wore […]

What a Wonderful Smell

So something that always bothered me about Star Wars: A New Hope is the fact that nobody seems to change their clothes very often. I know, I know, Lucas was going for iconic appearances and the costumes from Episode IV are no doubt the most memorable. Luke’s karate uniform, Leia’s nightgown, Han’s Henley undershirt with […]

New Theme: Rebel Scum

If you are a Star Wars ├╝bernerd and want to make your blog pretty, here ya go. Have fun, kids! Rebel Scum Rebel Scum is a grungy red, cream and gray theme released with a Creative Commons do whatever you want with it license. It’s for scruffy nerf herders. Right column, widgets, highly textured with […]

Why the Internet is Awesome

This post is my comment to Katie the Star Wars Girl, a sweet little thing with wonderful parents who want her to believe in herself and be proud of who she is. Dear Katie, The world is a lot more connected than it used to be. Sometimes we focus too much on the dangers of […]


Before you say it’s too early to start thinking about Halloween, I’ll say three months is barely enough time to create a replica of a Jedi uniform circa the Clone Wars. Seeing as I collect people as nerdy as myself as friends, I will be helping out with what is probably my ninth or tenth […]

A Little Awesome Goes a Long Way

Today’s viral video is the following slice of cosplaying fanboy awesomeness by Improv Everywhere: This is geektastic. My favorite is the Galactic Rebellion for Dummies book. Such a nice touch. On the surface, this is a great piece of theatrical silliness. But the venue chosen for the re-enactment created something a bit more meaningful for […]

Star Wars clothing for chicks! OMG!

You may have heard about the upcoming Star Wars clothes for chicks, to be announced at Comic-Con this summer. At first I was skeptical. Sure, George Lucas knows how to merchandise the bejeebers out of his franchise, but I would bet that the great bearded micromanager knows about as much about what chicks want to […]