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Earl Grey, Hot

I’m not going to be able to sleep until I think this through. Why did Captain Picard always say “Earl Grey, Hot”? He never said “Earl Grey, Extra Hot” or “Earl Grey, Lukewarm”. So why does he have to say “Earl Grey, Hot?” He always orders exactly the same tea at exactly the same temperature. […]

Where No Ripoff Has Gone Before

Museum space; the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Star Trek Exhibition. Its never-ending mission: to explore strange new fanboys, to seek out new wallets and new methods of payment, to boldly go where no ripoff has gone before. Despite the fact that less than two weeks are slated for the epic journey […]

Star Trek

*Spoiler Alert* (Though it’s been out for more than a week, so go see it or deal with the spoilage.) Finally got around to seeing this one. And I’m glad I went! This movie is a fantastic “this is why I love to go to the movies” kind of flick. I would have liked to […]

Can Star Trek Be Cool Again?

This week’s Entertainment Weekly has some 75% human, 25% alien eye candy on the cover. I’m pretty impressed with how much Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto look like Shatner and Nimoy. But can they act? That will be the question. An even larger question is this: Can J.J. Abrams bring back Teh Cool? Star Trek […]

Star Trek needs to spend a summer back at Camp Sci-Fi

Today at the office someone asked me if I was looking forward to seeing the new Star Trek movie. My answer was immediate and definite: No. Why? Because Star Trek stopped being fun a long time ago, when it got all serious and stopped being about searching the universe looking for more places to have […]