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Star and Scribe, Chapter Nine

“I have a proposal for you,” Jane called out in her particularly sultry tone. Edmund looked up from his armchair to see her enter his study for the second time that night. Her swollen, bruised, and torn arm was neatly bandaged and stowed in a sling to prevent the stitches holding her skin together from […]

Star and Scribe, Chapter Eight

The limousine pulled toward the Kodak Theatre. Edmund sighed and looked up from the game he was playing on his PSP. Jane was staring out the window. Her face was stone cold, but her fingers kept tapping against one another and fidgeting with the lace on her gown. Ozzy sat across from them, his eyes […]

Star and Scribe, Chapter Seven

Barb was waiting for Ozzy in the kitchen. The bodyguard was dressed in his best black suit, although he had swapped the black t-shirt he usually wore underneath his coat for a neatly pressed black shirt and a black silk tie. He was carrying a shoebox full of hundreds of tiny microphones, each one identical […]

Star and Scribe, Chapter Six

Logic couldn’t persuade Jane. Begging couldn’t get her to budge. But a hot bath, a yogurt-cucumber-honey facial, and three mimosas seemed to do the job, though. With just a bit of seductive coaxing and the revelation of a pair of shimmering silver strappy shoes, Stefan convinced Jane to don her rustling Marchesa gown. “Look how […]

Star and Scribe, Chapter Five

When they reached the house, only a few cameras waited outside the private neighborhood’s entrance, but the dark tinted windows on the X3 allowed them to pass unhindered into the gated community. They rolled slowly past broad green lawns, enormous mansions, and smooth sidewalks, where the wealthy and famous could walk their dogs far from […]

Star and Scribe, Chapter Four

“How did this happen?” Jane shrieked hysterically as Barb held the elevator door open. Ozzy stepped out and scanned the the private garage below the complex that housed the beauty salon. It was silent. So far no camera-toting stalkers had appeared at the gated entrance. Ozzy nodded the all-clear. “Access card,” Barb demanded. Stefan handed […]

Star and Scribe, Chapter Three

“I’ve gone with a slightly more caramel color in the highlights,” Stefan cooed, fluffing Jane’s freshly cut and colored hair. “I find that awards pictures look so much better when the look is subtle rather than summery.” Jane tossed her gleaming layered hair and dazzled herself with a smile. “I agree completely,” she cooed in […]