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Skanky Babies

Hey parents! Are you tired of your little girl’s inability to be oversexualized at a young age? Has she got a frowny face on because all of her other friends have their very own Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset and they don’t have so much as a thong to wear? Well, now you can make […]

How To Drive on the Interstate

1. Hit your brakes hard and abruptly for no reason. Do this often, as it’s a helpful way to make sure the adrenal glands of the driver behind you are functioning properly. 2. If there are only two lanes on your side of the highway, hang out in the left lane going about 55, especially […]

World News Today!

Pakistan — Lawyers are taking to the streets and protesting the autocratic rule of General Pervez Musharraf, which has suspended the constitution. Non-government television has been suppressed, and outdoor rallies, demonstrations and caravans have been forbidden. Many of the protesting lawyers have been beaten and arrested. I’m so torn between my passion for democracy and […]