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Comic: Dream Act

Quests for Old Ezio

Now that the main character in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is like, old and stuff, they really should have included some content that addressed the realities of this issue better, such as: Cutscene: Ezio tries to turn on the charm to a hot babe, only to be told that he’s “adorable” and reminds the girl of […]

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

For show and tell today, here is my movie report. In the 1600′s, Americans with very bad fake Scottish and French accents make each other angry. The fake Frenchie clamps a red hot iron hockey mask on the fake Scot, who for inexplicable reasons has an Irish surname (McCullen). Four centuries later, McCullen’s descendant has […]

The True Gay Agenda!

Now we see what those sneaky gay rights activists are up to . . . they’re after the straights’ wedding decorations! Today Hallmark unveiled its new gay wedding cards! Oh noes! As you can see, they are part of the creeping agenda that threatens heterosexal marriage everywhere; it isn’t enough to attack marriage itself (after […]

Issues that Matter

I’m having a hard time being excited about the presidential election (surprise, surprise). However, there may be help in letting me know who to vote for. I found articles that lay out McCain vs. Obama on what really matters: Pop Culture. How do they stack up head to head on the issues that matter to […]

Bratz Strike Back

So what happens when your skanky babies are all growed up? They become skanky Sharon Stone wannabes! That’s right, kids! Now you can get your very own Fashion Show Bratz! But the show ain’t the fashion, it’s the view! Yes, that is her little plastic hoo-ha. Why is it that every time I go to […]

Twelve Lessons from British Literature

1. You can never have too many axes. 2. Even when you’ve been whisked to another dimension, there’s always time for tea. 3. If you are female, beautiful, and poor, you are going to die. 4. Or be blissfully wedded to a very rich and handsome dude of better rank. 5. In case you’re not […]