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I will not vote for you if you are heartless

I don’t have a job. It’s not because I don’t want one, or haven’t tried to find one. There just aren’t any employers who have decided to hire me since I was laid off. That means I don’t currently pay any income tax. It really, really hurts my feelings when someone who wants to be […]

Goodbye Little Bird

I’ve been volunteering at my local Humane Society/SPCA as well as the library. Job hunting is soul-sucking but having a chance to get out and connect with people is helpful to the morale. It also ensures that I don’t sink permanently into the belief that a ponytail, yoga pants, and no makeup counts as acceptable […]

Today’s Playlist

This morning I was half-asleep and I reached for the spot where Ripley should have been sleeping. Nothing was there. I jolted awake and realized why she was gone. I didn’t think I had any more tears left, but I was wrong. I’m going to need all the power of my music collection to get […]

Story of an Hour

Reposted from today’s Twitter stream. I spent the last hours of Ripley’s life holding her on my lap while we sat in bed together. 10:44 am: Story of an Hour: Ripley is curled up in her favorite blanket, sleeping on my lap. She huddles to get warm so I tuck her in a bit closer. […]


Today, now, as this is published, I am at the veterinarian’s office so Ripley can be humanely put to death. Her biopsy revealed that the cancer was even more aggressive than we previously thought, and the weeks we had left with her turned into days. She’s been huddling for warmth lately and has been sleeping […]

It’s one of those days . . .

. . . where I feel like the universe hates me. The last couple of months have been pretty rough on a personal level, but this is a bit more than I can handle. Ripley has got a tumor. I’ll find out this afternoon if it’s operable, how much suffering it would cause her to […]

Why I don’t need to see Avatar

James Cameron’s Pocahontas I’ll see your Pocahontas and raise you Speaker for the Dead Avatar is a visual revolution, but the story it tells is exactly as clich├ęd as we thought. James Cameron, you have joined George Lucas on the Dark Side. You’re dead to me now.