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Ever since way back in 2010 humanity has been pondering what will be our fate in the year 2012. So far, John Cusack has been wrong: So we all continued to ponder the almighty Mayan Calendar, searching in vain for some small indicator of our horrible fate: Yesternight after much research and an abundance of […]

Achievement Unlocked!

So last night I ran over a traffic cone. I was driving back from my book club. I don’t know what possessed me to do it. But I knew I had always wanted to. Carpe Diem. So I did it. It flew up in the air and sailed over the unoccupied lanes like a big […]

In ur subconshuz doomin ur dreamz

Just got this e-mail from a former fellow worker drone: The strangest event just unfolded: I had a nightmare (well, it was scary at the time) that you were chasing me as an evil robot from Xanthur that wouldn’t allow me to leave the planet. I couldn’t destroy you or any your fellow foes for […]

Humans: Too Stupid to Live

I will not ruin this video with too much commentary. It speaks for itself. The woman says “We as a nation need to ask ourselves what the hell is going on.” I’ll tell you what’s going on, lady. You humans are D-U-M. Keep worrying about the metallicuhsized salts so the robots can inherit the earth.