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Pr0nspam Fail

Most comment spam isn’t worth dwelling on, but this was brilliant enough to want to share with y’all. Webcam Sex x If you happen to be browsing for an one-evening stand or maybe a lifelong association, it really is paramount to generally be mindful when you are gathering people from the On-Line […]

Musical Pr0n

Last night when I realized I was all alone in the house I headed downstairs to the piano. Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, op. 13. Well, that’s the forensic name. Most call it the “Sonata Pathétique.” I call it the Sonata I’m Stressed Out and/or Angry and Want to Bang the Bejeebus Out […]


I would like to make some time to go see Australia sometime soon. I’d like to say my main motivation is the dazzling cinematography, Baz Luhrmann’s unique storytelling style, my interest in historical fiction and social commentary, or my interest in supporting quality craftsmanship in filmmaking. I mean, it’s partly all of that. Mostly it’s […]


Look! Look! It’s beautiful! Zarquon bless teh Intarwebz, for here, illicitly, is a look at the trailer we’ve all been waiting for! No more of this crappy teaser nonsense. Fresh from the tasty pages at TrailerAddict: Did you see it? Those sexy long legs, those mighty and powerful servos? GIANT ROBOT! GIANT ROBOT! Skynet, I […]