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New Desk, New Office, New Thang

Day 1 at the new gig so far: It’s quiet. Like, REALLY quiet. That’s mostly ok. There’s a ton of extra space in the large room where myself and a few other coworkers are set up. I’m thinking we need some bean bag chairs or a ping pong table or something in here. This space […]

Hello, Coworkers

I started a new job a while ago, and they encourage everyone to make a video about themselves so that we can get to know one another despite working in all corners of the globe. Here’s mine.

Loki helps with work

Loki makes for a pleasant coworker, but sometimes he takes a toll on the productivity.

Something New

First week on the new job and things are looking promising. I was unemployed for a whopping three-day holiday weekend and had a job offer waiting for me the following Tuesday. They wanted me to start right away, but were kind enough to let me take two weeks for myself. I was good as new […]

Insomnia Strikes Back

I had terrible insomnia a few months ago. It went away due to a couple of things, namely going to the gym religiously, working on my headspace, having a nice Christmas break, and, as an absolute last resort, Ambien. It’s back. Oh, insomnia, you heartless bastard. I thought I told you not to come around […]

Happy Towel Day

Today at the office we are celebrating Towel Day with a lunchtime reading of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And brownies. Douglas Adams was the first author who made me think that maybe after all I could become a writer. I’d been plagued with self-doubt for most of my life, which kept me from […]

Today’s Playlist. Now with added pressure!

Today at work we’re having an open house to celebrate our awesome new digs. They asked me to put together the music. EEP! I used to DJ a lot of dances in high school (you know, back before everything got so ridiculously formal and commercial) and my giant bible of CDs was an expensive but […]