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Medieval Madness Episode 1 — Killer Rabbit

I think I’m just going to start randomly posting bizarre, out-of-context things from the middle ages that are an utter non-sequitur to modern eyes. You’re welcome.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

I’ve got a movie plot to pitch. It starts out with a big Christmas party. Lots of food, music, and young, attractive friends hanging out in posh digs. There’s a quest, hunting, seduction, feasting and decaptiations galore. Food. Sports. Sex. Fighting. Blood. Yes, it’s Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, in theaters this spring starring […]

In Which I Defend Russell Crowe

I know, bizarre, right? The Daily Mail reported on Russell Crowe storming out of a radio interview after the host accused his portrayal of Robin Hood as sounding too Irish. Gasp. Shocker. Wowie. I totally didn’t already know that Russell Crowe is a total hothead and that radio hosts know diddly/squat about any culture that […]