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The Memory

One day sometime during the mid-eighties I was dressing my Barbies for a killer expedition in their red Corvette on the front driveway. All of a sudden, my grandmother stomped up to me with a genuinely distraught expression on her ordinarily cheerful face. “I want you to promise me that you will never marry a […]

My Husband is Awesome

My sweetie sent me flowers. He’s been away for eight days and I still have two to go, but this bouquet should help me through.

Think Love


Delirious. Achy. Exhilarated. And I’m not even the one who had the baby. Meet Violet, my lovely new cohort in an ever-growing cadre of merrymakers: I was already inclined to approve of her, but that does NOT make me wrong when I say everything about her is just perfect. Love truly is an infinite resource.

Yo tengo una amiga

Es imposible describir los sentimientos que tengo en mi corazón. La hermana de Comidamujer está aquí y le encanto. Le amo. Le adoro. Somos “snugglebunnies.”

A Slight Obsession

I can’t focus. There’s something missing, and it’s driving me nuts. Even more so because I can’t get my hands on it. I feel lonely and unsatisfied, and all I can do is stare longingly at a photograph and wish that this special part of my life was here with me. Do you hear me, […]