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Let it be known

Today my niece Lily came with me to help me run errands. Since we’d be driving around a bit, as we hit the road I plugged the iPod into the stereo and asked her what kind of music she’d like to listen to. “Sad . . . and . . . angry music.” “Are you […]

Hello Kitty

My niece’s birthday is in a few days, and her current obsession is Hello Kitty. Here’s her prezzie being put through Quality Assurance by Loki. If you have any interest in the pattern speak up and I’ll post it.

Future Blogger

WordPress shirt: check. Writing creatively? Double check. I can’t wait to build Lily her first blog. :D

Lily Reads Pete the Cat

Here is my awesome genius niece Lily, demonstrating that her cranial capacity is far beyond the average 2.62 year old. Not only does she know her alphabet without fail, but she’s also unlocked achivements Bossy Toddler, Camera Mug, Killer Rock and Roll Face and Cutest Storyteller Ever. Pete the Cat is her favorite story and […]