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Fun with Search Suggestions

Future Blogger

WordPress shirt: check. Writing creatively? Double check. I can’t wait to build Lily her first blog. :D

Pr0nspam Fail

Most comment spam isn’t worth dwelling on, but this was brilliant enough to want to share with y’all. Webcam Sex x If you happen to be browsing for an one-evening stand or maybe a lifelong association, it really is paramount to generally be mindful when you are gathering people from the On-Line […]

Spam I can Love

If I always got spam like this, I wouldn’t bother using a filter.

Dilemma of Teh Internets

I love the fact that I can talk to my little nieces over video chat even though they live hundreds of miles away. It means we have a close relationship despite only getting together physically every couple of months. The downside is that when I see stuff like this: I get really annoyed because I […]

Write Your Senator

Hi Friends and Family, Since many of you don’t spend as much time online as I do and you’re busy with like, your lives and stuff, I felt it was important to let you all know what’s going on today with regard to the future of free speech in the United States. Today many websites […]

Another Awesome Barbarian

I am just tickled pink that there are people out there excited to look like this: I feel like I need to start the Internet Barbarian League or something.