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Loki can has a tent

What do you do on a rainy day? Build a tent out of bedsheets and hang out in there with Bunny, of course.

Best Babysitting Gig Ever


Earl Grey and porridge made from the leftover grains of the IPA I brewed last night. Om nom nom!

The Aftermath of 2011

I wanna go home

I’ve been away from home for, like, ten days, which may as well be, like, a million. It’s a roundabout path I took — Bay Area to the Midwest to Los Angeles. I had to take a car, a stinking bus, and about a dozen escalators, but I finally made it through security at this […]

Packing material . . . or playhouse?

Snuggle Buddies

Mossop snagged this pic of me and the kitteh the other night. I had totally crashed on the couch after a long day and didn’t even notice when Loki decided I looked like a comfy bed. He made a good heater.