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So I was out buying some organic unsweetened soymilk and I decided to drop by my friendly local Obama campaign headquarters to get something to wear for election night. I figured to make a joke about Big Bird-Gate I would take my Cookie Monster shirt that said “Me Want Cookies” and slap a button on […]

La Révolution Française

Bubbles has told it how it REALLY was. This is true history.

A brief history of Sokal’s Hoax

It’s been 13 delicious years since physicist Alan Sokal hammered the nails into the coffin of literary theory. And, too few people know this tale. This is a bit of history that deserves retelling, because anything that makes snobs look like morons, is, IMNSHO, awesome. The short version goes like this: Physicist Alan Sokal decided […]

Open Source Art

My academic training is in medieval history and literature, and nobody understand the true meaning of the frustrating phrase “those who forget history are doomed to repeat it” like a medievalist. I can’t tell you how many <facepalm> moments I’ve had when somebody talks about “The Dark Ages” or insists that some modern concept is […]

World's Oldest Pothead Found

Normally I don’t take much interest in human history, but this is awesome. So you’re an ancient Celtic priest who kicks the bucket. What do you get buried with? Makeup, toys, and weed. Oh, and your little sister. Though I don’t know what’s more gross; digging up dead people or digging up dead people to […]

Thanksgiving Haters

I just saw a troll posting some Thanksgiving Hating on a message boards. Specifically hating on Chuck Norris. And that ain’t right. Chuck Norris is awesome and he wins every debate automatically because of his awesomeness. The fact that all of his arguments are also correct is merely incidental. But I digress. Freedom of religion […]

The End is Near!

The Large Hadron Collider has raised some interesting questions. What are the limits of science? Do researchers have the right to conduct experiments that could theoretically negate all existence? Is creating black holes, however tiny, an environmental risk that people have the right to stop? The answer? Who cares?? If the world ends, you won’t […]