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Report: Solstice at Stonehenge

I’ve gotten more than a few questions about it, so here it is. My own wacky perspective on Summer Solstice 2012 at Stonehenge. I loved every minute of it, and given the chance, I’d do it exactly the same again. A lot of people go to Salisbury and then catch one of the many, many, […]


Today was a pretty good day. My in-laws made me yummy breakfast, then we blasted down the Motorway to Oxford so that I could have lunch at the Eagle and Child, a pub I have always wanted to go to in hopes of soaking up awesome creative goodness from the lingering vibes of the Inklings. […]

Lily Reads Pete the Cat

Here is my awesome genius niece Lily, demonstrating that her cranial capacity is far beyond the average 2.62 year old. Not only does she know her alphabet without fail, but she’s also unlocked achivements Bossy Toddler, Camera Mug, Killer Rock and Roll Face and Cutest Storyteller Ever. Pete the Cat is her favorite story and […]

How Loki Spent his Third Birthday

Despite the fact that yesterday he peed on the floor and murdered two of my houseplants, I decided Loki deserved a bit of extra lurves for being in my life. I adopted that psychotic little furball with my husband two years ago, and we named him after the god of chaos because we thought it […]

Loki can has a tent

What do you do on a rainy day? Build a tent out of bedsheets and hang out in there with Bunny, of course.

Best Babysitting Gig Ever


Earl Grey and porridge made from the leftover grains of the IPA I brewed last night. Om nom nom!