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Best. Prezzie. Ever.

My husband got me a present. It was a book. A book about art. A book about women depicted in art. A book about women depicted in art during World War II. A book about women depicted in art during World War II written by one of the rising feminist luminaries of our day. My […]

One Month

It’s been a month since we settled into the new house. I’m happy to report that we are completely unpacked, although I keep feeling like I don’t belong in a place this big. For the first time that Talking Heads song (sort of) makes sense to me: “You may find yourself behind the wheel of […]

Best Thank You Card Ever

I got this from my brother to say thanks for his wedding gift. I think getting this card was almost better than being at the wedding.


So I was out buying some organic unsweetened soymilk and I decided to drop by my friendly local Obama campaign headquarters to get something to wear for election night. I figured to make a joke about Big Bird-Gate I would take my Cookie Monster shirt that said “Me Want Cookies” and slap a button on […]


My little brother got married today. His new wife and my new sister is awesome, and I wish them both oodles of joy.

My Husband is Awesome

My sweetie sent me flowers. He’s been away for eight days and I still have two to go, but this bouquet should help me through.

I think Loki missed me

When we left for Britain the house was a bit of a state so now that I’m home I’m trying to get caught up on laundry and housecleaning. But I’m getting the feeling that Loki may have missed me an eensy weensy little bit because he rowrs and chirps at me if I walk around, […]