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Halo plus pizza equals happy

Last night I was a horrible cat mommy and completely ignored everything but Halo: Reach. Cats don’t really need playtime or food or clean litter boxes, do they? NAH. After polishing off some BBQ pulled pork deep dish pizza and telling my arteries to shut up, I dove right in. It’s perfect. It’s beautiful. It’s […]

Halo foolin’ and not so much

Ah, the Halo movie that will never be. I remember when I heard that Peter Jackson was producing it, and big giant tears welled up in my eyes as I thought about how badass every single Covenant alien was going to look. I could practically see the green phlegm dripping from the bifurcated mandibles of […]

New Toys

I had a long, exhausting weekend of moving furniture, so I rewarded myself with some new toys: Yes, that’s a Warthog RC car with a couple of Spartan action figures. Hoo-rah! I think I’ve now found a better way than e-mail* to deliver messages in the office. Last night I played the first couple of […]

ODST: Kiss and tell

I beat it last night, with the help of a good friend. The burning question: how awesome is it? Well, I’m starting to hallucinate from lack of sleep and my hands are cramped worse than arthritic old lady’s. That should answer your question. The short review: Factor Note Verdict Graphics

Happy ODST!

This post will be short, as all I can think about is the hot date I have tonight with Captain Tight Pants. We’re going to hold hands and roam New Mombasa together. I’ll put the Drop and the Shock into that Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. It will be an adventure to remember with Oh Captain […]

Oh, the tears that I will weep . . .

. . . for the Halo movie that will never be. This ODST trailer is heartbreakingly awesome. Sigh.

Your Name is Buck, Right?

Fox may have killed the Firefly and they may have taken away my precious Sarah Connor Chronicles, but at least now Halo is back. At first I was pissed when I found out that I would no longer be able to play as my boyfriend Master Chief, but they have offered me a reasonable substitute […]