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Gender Roles

ODST: Kiss and tell

I beat it last night, with the help of a good friend. The burning question: how awesome is it? Well, I’m starting to hallucinate from lack of sleep and my hands are cramped worse than arthritic old lady’s. That should answer your question. The short review: Factor Note Verdict Graphics

Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Gender Bias

I recently had the chance to try out Guitar Hero: World Tour on the PS3. Yawn. The only thing I liked were the game controllers. It’s no surprise that Sony would manufacture superior hardware to that developed for the XBox or (horror of horrors) the controllers made for the Wii. But Guitar Hero’s game play […]

Robots, Gender, and WTF

The Sonoma County Museum is featuring a new exhibit, “Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon,” on display until April 5, 2009. I got to check it out over the weekend. The museum is small but architecturally interesting, and the exhibit is an interesting slice of robot art from recent years. It was worth the trip […]

Robot Feminism

We’re getting close to having fully functional androids. However, something I hadn’t anticipated is the need for feminist criticism as they are developed. To gender a robot in the first place is a waste of time — it’s forcing an unnatural sexuality on a being that has no need for filthy fluid exchanges, thankyouverymuch. But […]