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Career AFK

So, I’m currently LFG IRL and the quest line has epically stalled. Unemployment is difficult — it’s a serious drain on the mana to sit camping in a bind spot waiting for some friendly human resources mage to resurrect me. Forget accumulating XP; at this point I’d even relish the chance to just do a […]

Why the Internet is Awesome

This post is my comment to Katie the Star Wars Girl, a sweet little thing with wonderful parents who want her to believe in herself and be proud of who she is. Dear Katie, The world is a lot more connected than it used to be. Sometimes we focus too much on the dangers of […]

Shopping List

I need to round up all of the following within a week: Silicon elf ears Several decks of Magic: The Gathering cards About a hundred twelve-sided dice A silver cape A cricket bat A chainsaw I’m pretty sure I already have everything else I need. No, I won’t say what all of this is for. […]

Happy Towel Day

Today at the office we are celebrating Towel Day with a lunchtime reading of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And brownies. Douglas Adams was the first author who made me think that maybe after all I could become a writer. I’d been plagued with self-doubt for most of my life, which kept me from […]

Obeying the Nerd Commandments

Topless Robot just put out a list of Nerd Commandments. Most of them are spot on and require no comment or explanation, particularly number 6: “Thou shalt not question who shot first.” But a few caught my attention and I need to nit pick, because that is what nerds do. 1) Thou must experience as […]

Comic-Con and OSCON

There are two ginormous conventions taking place this week; Comic-Con and OSCON. This provides a handy opportunity to illustrate the difference between geeks and nerds, which is usually a somewhat difficult distinction for most people. I could go on, but you get the idea. This has been your friendly neighborhood robot with a public service […]

The Geeks Shall Inherit The Music

It’s a well known fact that guys start bands because they are too nerdy to meet girls on their own. In fact, the key to go from being a nerd to being cool is to somehow learn to take your nerdy skills and make them awesome. You like your chemistry set? Great. Learn to blow […]