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Blair Wins at the Internet

Best Thank You Card Ever

I got this from my brother to say thanks for his wedding gift. I think getting this card was almost better than being at the wedding.

Please Don’t Waste These People

I understand that war is a reality of human history, but I can’t help but be disturbed by how wasteful it is. War consists of massive amounts of time, human capital, and resources being destroyed. It’s expensive to make a bomb, and when it’s been blown up there isn’t anything economically or socially useful about […]


An oldie but goodie from Bloom County, the finest comic strip ever penned. It’s funny to think of this strip in the context of a decade before the Internet. Maybe it only seems like our hypersensitivity to everything has increased because other people’s offenses are so much easier to find.

Only in the Bay Area . . .

Thank goodness for random drive-by humor. In this case it’s literal. I was pulling into work and an ad came on the radio: DAD: Son, your mother and I are very concerned about you. SON: Yeah, I know but– DAD: You see, we were in your room and we saw what you have growing in […]

Anti-Wedding Planners!

Awesome and timely! I just saw an article in my feed that backs me up on everything that is wrong with the wedding-industrial complex. A video summary of this clever assault on commercial traditions that suck the joy out of love: I heartily endorse this kind of thing. It kind of shows you how absurd […]

I love Trey Parker

South Park’s latest episode killed me. When this show goes off the air, I’m just going to cry. It has stayed so fresh, so relevant, and so funny . . . I didn’t think anything related to the aftermath of the election could make me smile, let alone laugh out loud. Thank you, Trey. I […]