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Lily Reads Pete the Cat

Here is my awesome genius niece Lily, demonstrating that her cranial capacity is far beyond the average 2.62 year old. Not only does she know her alphabet without fail, but she’s also unlocked achivements Bossy Toddler, Camera Mug, Killer Rock and Roll Face and Cutest Storyteller Ever. Pete the Cat is her favorite story and […]

New Toys

I had a long, exhausting weekend of moving furniture, so I rewarded myself with some new toys: Yes, that’s a Warthog RC car with a couple of Spartan action figures. Hoo-rah! I think I’ve now found a better way than e-mail* to deliver messages in the office. Last night I played the first couple of […]

A Day at The Bell

It’s fun having nothing to do but lie around and look pretty.