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Look into my eyes

These are my retinas! Check them out!


Having Scandinavian pride is a tricky thing. Because worthless asshats in the white supremacist movement have appropriated so much of its iconography, expressing pride in my heritage is something I have to think about to make sure that it doesn’t come off the wrong way. However, over time the awesomeness that is being a viking […]

I’m a winner

I don’t think I explained myself properly

When I said it’s hard to be me because I have the two sweetest pairs of boots in the known universe and not enough feet to wear them all at once, I wasn’t joking. I mean, check these puppies out. It’s like, am I feeling a little browncoat: Or am I feeling a little mosh […]

Only 6 flicks on my summer list. Boo.

My self-punishing effort to get through the Twilight is moving along, but not without taking its toll. If I didn’t have my new cat Loki to cheer me up, these books would land me in such a pit of despair that I probably would have reprogrammed myself so that I didn’t know how to read. […]

Problem Solved.

It took some mighty pondering, but I came up with a solution I can live with. I’ve illegally downloaded a copy of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. That’s right, Michael Bay, I dare you to sue me for the $19.95 in losses you’ve now incurred. I just watched How it Should Have Ended four times […]

Oh, the tears that I will weep . . .

. . . for the Halo movie that will never be. This ODST trailer is heartbreakingly awesome. Sigh.