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Lily Reads Pete the Cat

Here is my awesome genius niece Lily, demonstrating that her cranial capacity is far beyond the average 2.62 year old. Not only does she know her alphabet without fail, but she’s also unlocked achivements Bossy Toddler, Camera Mug, Killer Rock and Roll Face and Cutest Storyteller Ever. Pete the Cat is her favorite story and […]

Violet explains it all

Two months old and she’s already got PhDs in Renaissance Literature and pooping her pants.

Pancakes and Bacon

Tonight I took my niece to the pancake house for dinner. She got pretty excited. In fact, there were only two things on her mind for dinner discussion all evening:

My Crochet Masterpiece

This just might be my crochet masterpiece:

Hey Birthday Dude

Last Saturday I took advantage of Buttercup’s experience as a model to show off some new swag for our online catalog at work. We were outside the building snapping some shots while people streamed by on their way to the Giants game. A few friends were walking by. One of them was holding a sign […]

Yo tengo una amiga

Es imposible describir los sentimientos que tengo en mi corazón. La hermana de Comidamujer está aquí y le encanto. Le amo. Le adoro. Somos “snugglebunnies.”

I’m Auntie TV

Awesome. So I got to play my ukulele for my niece tonight over Skype. That can be a little abstract for an eighteen-month-old, but once she caught on that I could see and hear her, she thought it was pretty cool. She danced for me while we sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Twinkle Twinkle Little […]