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Blair Wins at the Internet

Pattern: A simple textured beanie

A friend wanted a simple beanie for her Dad as a Christmas present. My instructions were to do something simple in a brown, green, or blue color with subtle texture. This was really a challenge considering the over-the-top creations I’ve been working on lately. Nonetheless, it was a nice change of pace. Presented for her […]

The Great Crochet Giveaway

When I’m worried I crochet. Like, when I’m really super stressed out (as I am now), I crochet the way Lady MacBeth washes her hands. I’m stressed out. OUT DAMNED SPOT! Right now the spot is a probable tumor in my sweet, beautiful kitteh Ripley. I am not ready to lose her, and seeing her […]

Strange Dreams

Everyone had strange dreams last night, it seems. I keep hearing more stories. I had a strange dream last night. Unusual, rather, in that it was pleasant. I was in a big, well-lit room with several cardboard boxes that held a litter of kittens each, and I was trying to figure out which kitten I […]

Writing is like, hard and stuff

I kept getting sidetracked, but the first 10 chapters of Star and Scribe did get revised. My sincere thanks to people who actually read the first drafts (which were chock full of continuity errors, typos, and just plain lousy bits). My abject apologies for asking you to read it again so I can feel a […]

Tonight’s Adventure

I don’t go to bars often. I usually need a good reason, like an awesome cover band, to compensate for the 10% of bar patrons who are drunken lecherous reprobates. My roommate tipped me off to a good gig tonight, so I took Darien out to celebrate her new arrival to the bay area. Little […]

Neener, Neener.

I’ve got a few moments before my flight to Texas, and I’d just like to use them to say the following: NEENER, NEENER. This doll is not creepy: You know who you are, ya little turd. You said it was creepy while I was making it, and that it would make the baby girl I’m […]