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Beer Wine Bacon Chicken Pie

Last night Ben and Boriss came over and helped me move a baking project out of beta. We ate the 1.0 launch of beer wine bacon chicken pie and celebrated with a screening of Black Dynamite. Here’s the recipe for your dining pleasure: Ingredients Olive oil Up to 2 tbsp of your favorite seasoning blend […]


Earl Grey and porridge made from the leftover grains of the IPA I brewed last night. Om nom nom!

Please join us for a post-Rapture BBQ

The internet doesn’t need one more person saying that anybody who thinks the world is ending tomorrow is a religious loony. What I will say is this: I’m having a barbecue! Because, like, if the world ends, I can save on propane and enjoy a delicious steak while the world descends into demon-infested hell. And […]

We are so not nuts

I just told some of my coworkers about this, and I got the typical non-Southern Californian response: “Eeew! Gross!” My response: “I can’t believe you people haven’t figured it out on your own!” It’s very much a Southern California thing, and totally an L.A. thing. Yes, I’m talking about Chinese food and donuts. Most places […]

A Slight Obsession

I can’t focus. There’s something missing, and it’s driving me nuts. Even more so because I can’t get my hands on it. I feel lonely and unsatisfied, and all I can do is stare longingly at a photograph and wish that this special part of my life was here with me. Do you hear me, […]


Is a very good day, the horrible storm outside notwithstanding. I think I’ll go have pumpkin pancakes.

Somebody is My Hero

Somebody left chocolate on my desk. No note, no apparent reason. I love nice people.