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Tables are turned

The following video is very, very NSFW due to explicit language and vomiting, but it rings so true I think it counts more as a public service announcement than a work of satire. In college I played video games in person with friends, because this magical thing called the Internet couldn’t talk to consoles yet. […]

Why the Internet is Awesome

This post is my comment to Katie the Star Wars Girl, a sweet little thing with wonderful parents who want her to believe in herself and be proud of who she is. Dear Katie, The world is a lot more connected than it used to be. Sometimes we focus too much on the dangers of […]

Christmas Shopping

I have kind of a big family, so I have to start Christmas shopping in like, March. Today I got Computer Engineer Barbie for my niece. (No, that totally wasn’t a spoiler because, while precocious, she can’t read yet.) Computer Engineer Barbie isn’t perfect, but she’s definitely a step in the right direction as a […]

That which I do, I do for all mankind

I know I’ve been hating on Twilight for some time now. I read the first book and saw the first flick, and at first thought it was a harmless teenybopper phenomenon for chicks who wanted the plot of Wuthering Heights without all the big long words that are hard to read. But the continued popularity […]

Dr. Laura according to Shakespeare

< soapbox > A friend of mine forwarded me the following e-mail just now: subject: Actual Ad from 1955 My sides STILL hurt from laughing! I’d be so divorced!!! hope it gives ya smile! xoxo …………. An Actual 1955 Housekeeping Monthly article. Ok, when you girls stop laughing long enough to pick yourself off the […]

Skanky Babies

Hey parents! Are you tired of your little girl’s inability to be oversexualized at a young age? Has she got a frowny face on because all of her other friends have their very own Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset and they don’t have so much as a thong to wear? Well, now you can make […]