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Best. Prezzie. Ever.

My husband got me a present. It was a book. A book about art. A book about women depicted in art. A book about women depicted in art during World War II. A book about women depicted in art during World War II written by one of the rising feminist luminaries of our day. My […]


So I was out buying some organic unsweetened soymilk and I decided to drop by my friendly local Obama campaign headquarters to get something to wear for election night. I figured to make a joke about Big Bird-Gate I would take my Cookie Monster shirt that said “Me Want Cookies” and slap a button on […]

Netflix Fail

All I wanted was a nice first wave feminist documentary . . .

Gender Roles

Why Dragon Tattoo Flopped

Looks like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo flopped. Not a shocker. Taking a perfectly good Swedish movie that has done fantastically well in the international market and remaking it in the English language shows that movie executives believe that Americans are too dumb to want to watch a movie with subtitles. Well, okay, some […]

Arkham City so far

Things I expected and have not been let down on: Awesome graphics Gorgeous attention to detail in textures and shading Good character development No wasting time with boring lengthy cutscenes Hunt for Joker trophies is less stupid this time The more open world format makes the game less linear and more fun Things I did […]

Dudeism for Chicks

This is a reprint of my article published in The Dudespaper. Far out! Recently some in the media have accused Dudeism of being “phallocentric.” This accusation will not stand! The Dudeocracy minds, dude! Rev. Stella Quinn discusses what it means to be a female Dudeist in this strongly imaginal article. By Rev. Stella Quinn High […]