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Fun with Search Suggestions


It’s not my fault. I swear. There was a rabid raccoon involved. A rabid raccoon with a hatred of Android. She must have been an iPhone kind of procyonid. Anybody happen to have a spare phone lying around? This one seems to be cutting my face now if I try to use it.

Pr0nspam Fail

Most comment spam isn’t worth dwelling on, but this was brilliant enough to want to share with y’all. Webcam Sex x If you happen to be browsing for an one-evening stand or maybe a lifelong association, it really is paramount to generally be mindful when you are gathering people from the On-Line […]

Netflix Fail . . . Again

Netflix Fail

All I wanted was a nice first wave feminist documentary . . .

Clash of the Titans: You’re Doing it Wrong

I didn’t see Clash of the Titans because the trailers used generic metal-ish music and deliberately edited the movie to make it look like 300 Volume Two. Barf. Plus, I saw Zeus was wearing Iron Man’s suit with the paint buffed off and was all, WTF. However, on my last flight it was the least […]

Cat Owners are Insane

I love my new cat Loki. I’ve only had him for three weeks and I already can’t remember what it was like not to have him. He’s a massive dork. He rolls over and falls off the bed. (Like me.) He chases after toys, leaps flailing into the air, and falls to the floor in […]