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Another Awesome Barbarian

I am just tickled pink that there are people out there excited to look like this: I feel like I need to start the Internet Barbarian League or something.

Another Satisfied Customer

It is so reassuring to me to know that there are people this awesome in the world. I feel so humbled to have the honor of selling this person a hat.

A Good Problem To Have

Anybody placing an order in my etsy shop over the weekend be forewarned: I’m getting more orders than I can keep up with. Any orders placed over the holiday weekend will be filled starting Monday the 28th. I need to watch a little football, eat a little pie, and eat some frickin’ turkey. No worries; […]

Brutal Barbarian Beanie

Lo, my minions, it is here: Fully equipped with massive downturned barbarian horns, a color scheme as dark as your soul, and a fashion sensibility that would turn a Valkyrie’s heart to pus, this is the ultimate winter fashion accessory for the sensible outdoorsy barbarian. Get it Now because this one was really really difficult […]

The Epic Viking Hat is Here

It was in beta for a while until I figured out the kinks, but here it is. Behold, my minons, the Epic Viking Hat: Yours truly models the viking Hat while laughing at the thought of pillaging many of a village Get it while it’s hot. Available with five different hair colors, or no braids […]

It’s too early for Christmas

But I’m putting new stuff in the shop anyway. Check it out! For those tired of cheapo fuzzy polyester Santa hats, we have the lurrvely handstitched holly trimmed Father Christmas stocking cap. For those who are soooo over Santa hats, there’s the jolly and pointy elf hat. And if all you really need is a […]

New Merch

New stuff, humans! Go check it out! Just in time for Halloween and with ZomBcon just around the corner, you know that what you need is a soft, warm beanie that looks like one of the curs├ęd undead is gnawing on your brains: Beautiful model Loki demonstrates the Zombie Hat Get it now at my […]