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Lily Reads Pete the Cat

Here is my awesome genius niece Lily, demonstrating that her cranial capacity is far beyond the average 2.62 year old. Not only does she know her alphabet without fail, but she’s also unlocked achivements Bossy Toddler, Camera Mug, Killer Rock and Roll Face and Cutest Storyteller Ever. Pete the Cat is her favorite story and […]

Resolution Schmesolution

I don’t believe in making New Year’s Resolutions. Studying history makes you a bit of a cynic, especially about allegedly fixed traditions. People get all hung up on numerology, and all I can do is hang my head and giggle when people get all worked up about a holiday established by the Roman Senate in […]

Holy Moly I’m in a Book!

Check it out, Dudes. The Abide Guide is here: While I only contributed a few passages to one chapter, I’m super stoked to have written words that are now ink on paper in like, a real book that you can get in a bookstore. Ultimately I’d love to have my name as the primary author […]

When Life Hands You Lemons . . .

Reprinted from The Dudespaper. Our pal Stella Quinn is back to share some sage advice and sympathy. When life throws you down in the dumps, you can’t be worried about that shit. Or rather, you can. And in fact maybe you should throw a tantrum. The trick is to acknowledge (and even enjoy?) the gutterballs. […]

Creedence and the Fuckin’ Eagles, Man

My latest article in The Dudespaper discusses the Eagles and Creedence — divergent poles of musical Dudeism, or merely birds of a different feather? I should begin this by admitting that I like the Eagles. Lots of their tunes rock, and the Eagles will forever have geek street cred as the authors of “Journey of […]

A Modern Interfaith Relationship

Check it out dudes! I’m in the Dudespaper once again. A Modern Interfaith Relationship By Rev. Stella QuinnHigh Priest of Zymurgy As a Dudeist, I’ve had to grapple with the meaning of belonging to a new religious movement in the modern world. Especially since my boyfriend is a Pastafarian. That’s right. I’m in an inter-sorta-faith […]

Dudeism for Chicks

This is a reprint of my article published in The Dudespaper. Far out! Recently some in the media have accused Dudeism of being “phallocentric.” This accusation will not stand! The Dudeocracy minds, dude! Rev. Stella Quinn discusses what it means to be a female Dudeist in this strongly imaginal article. By Rev. Stella Quinn High […]