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Hitchhiker’s Guide starring Monty Python

I wish that Monty Python had made a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. Just think about it: Graham Chapman as Arthur DentEric Idle as Ford PrefectTerry Jones as Mr. L. ProsserTerry Jones as the Barman of the Horse and GroomJohn Cleese as Prostetnic Vogon JeltzTerry Jones as Marvin the Paranoid AndroidMichael Palin as Zaphod […]

Happy Towel Day

Today at the office we are celebrating Towel Day with a lunchtime reading of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And brownies. Douglas Adams was the first author who made me think that maybe after all I could become a writer. I’d been plagued with self-doubt for most of my life, which kept me from […]

Hear, hear.

Bravo, Topless Robot: “Topless Robot is of the opinion that this book is a cash grab by the late Douglas Adams’ wife, that Douglas Adams was so individual a writer that no one could or should try to replicate him, and that And Another Thing should be avoided at all costs. If there was a […]


halt wtf ./foul_language When I saw a headline in my RSS feed stating “Hitchhiker’s Guide series to ride again” I excitedly clicked, thinking that some unfinished manuscript had been found, like the last Dirk Gently novel printed in The Salmon of Doubt. Riding Douglas Adams’ coat tails is some jerk who intends to finish off […]

A Douglas Adamsy Moment

So here I am, sitting at the airport. My flight has been delayed by more than an hour, and I’m surrounded by dirty, smelly people who were too inconsiderate to refrain from breeding, and their spawn isn’t doing much to alleviate the general noise and clutter. There were no seats left, so I went and […]

Douglas, Thank You for the Perfect Cup of Tea

This morning I had the chance to promote two things I am excessively fond of: Tea and Douglas Adams. I have an electric kettle at work so that I can make my own hot fresh tea each morning. Tea is my saving grace. It makes sitting in my cubicle in the black, gray, and white […]