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Holy Smokes

I *JUST* realized that the line “hurry down the chimney tonight” in the song “Santa Baby” is a double entendre.

Gift Wrapped

The little bean needs to be STYLIN’ this holiday season, so she’ll be gift wrapped like the little gift she is. Beautiful model Loki demonstrates the Gift Wrapped Dress It’s just a basic toddler’s dress pattern with the skirt box pleated along the plaid pattern and gold fabric appliqué to give the effect of being […]

Naughty or Nice Stocking

Little Bean needs a stocking for Christmas this year. Auntie Stella is ON IT. I wanted to make her something that was sturdy enough to hold an obscene volume of gifts, looked good, and would work for her as she moves from an age of pooping her pants to the more advanced stage of griping […]

Christmas Shopping

I have kind of a big family, so I have to start Christmas shopping in like, March. Today I got Computer Engineer Barbie for my niece. (No, that totally wasn’t a spoiler because, while precocious, she can’t read yet.) Computer Engineer Barbie isn’t perfect, but she’s definitely a step in the right direction as a […]

Ready for Prezzies

I love Christmas trees. No matter how high tech we get, a decorated tree is still beautiful. My roommate helped me decorate our tree, and we celebrated with burritos. YAY! Now we just nead some prezzies under that thar tree . . .

Green Christmas

Going green is important, but I’m a big believer in making sure that the eco-friendly practices I adopt are actually beneficial to the environment, and not just a fad the creates the ego-stroking perception that I’m helping the earth. Unfortunately a lot of “organic” practices aren’t really as helpful as people think, and there can […]

Dear Santa,

I have been a good girl this year. reasonably well-behaved this year. I know I haven’t spoken to you in a while but it’s only because I stopped believing in you when you brought me that hideous sweater. However, in an effort to mend the breach I would like to humbly request the Rock Band […]