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Leave Big Bird Out of It

Ah, Facebook. The place where I go to send party invites, see family photos, and read psychotic political rants. We all have that one friend from college, that crazy uncle, or that old roommate who seizes hold of the digital soap box that is the Internet and shares their very own special flavor of Kool-Aid […]

What’s Wrong with Health Care?

Today I’m hurting in five places. The tip of my left index finger, my upper left arm, my left hip, my left quadricep, and my right quadricep are all kind of tender and swollen. The shots I received feel about half as painful as my tetanus shot was. However, I got five of them. But […]

Conversations with Loki: Nana’s House

The Befuddler

The point of view cannon was a MacGuffin inserted into the plot of the movie version of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Ruckus though this caused amongst die hard H2G2 fans who felt the movie bastardized the book’s original message that we should each cultivate an independent, inquisitive worldview in favor of a Disneyfied […]

Tron Does Not Fight for Facebook Users

I tried logging in to Facebook just now. I was unable to get in. A while back I canceled my real life Facebook account because I got sick of being annoyed by their constant bad calls on privacy. I didn’t miss the noise: Jimmy likes In-N-Out! Zippy likes that Jimmy likes In-N-Out! Duh, people. Everybody […]

Insomnia Strikes Back

I had terrible insomnia a few months ago. It went away due to a couple of things, namely going to the gym religiously, working on my headspace, having a nice Christmas break, and, as an absolute last resort, Ambien. It’s back. Oh, insomnia, you heartless bastard. I thought I told you not to come around […]

Wherein I discover my limit for new age nonsense

The local fancy-schmancy athletic wear shop has free yoga classes every Sunday morning, taught by instructors from a local studio. I go sometimes, and it’s hit and miss because the teachers rotate and when you have an open drop-in format, sometimes it’s crowded and sometimes it’s not. Thanks to New Years’ resolutions, gyms are always […]