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What I’ve Been Up To

Virginia Woolf said that all you need to write is five hundred pounds and a room of one’s own. She wasn’t just whistlin’ Dixie. To my amazement and gratitude, I’ve been given that kind of support over the last six months by my awesome husband, which has allowed me to work full time on the […]

Things I Have in Common with Wil Wheaton

We went to the same high school I think his wife Anne is super cool (she used to cut my hair) We both homebrew We both have black cats Star Trek dominated a significant part of each of our childhoods Does that make me sorta kinda maybe cool? Or just really, really, really pathetically nerdy?

I will not vote for you if you are heartless

I don’t have a job. It’s not because I don’t want one, or haven’t tried to find one. There just aren’t any employers who have decided to hire me since I was laid off. That means I don’t currently pay any income tax. It really, really hurts my feelings when someone who wants to be […]

What’s Wrong with Health Care?

Today I’m hurting in five places. The tip of my left index finger, my upper left arm, my left hip, my left quadricep, and my right quadricep are all kind of tender and swollen. The shots I received feel about half as painful as my tetanus shot was. However, I got five of them. But […]

A (long) walk down memory lane

Today I went to the British Museum for the first time since I was studying in London over a decade ago. The building has changed dramatically. I barely recognized the entrance, now clear of clutter and heavy junk. When I was a student the Great Court was under construction. I remember dark Victorian bookstacks surrounding […]

Diverse Interests

Hello, Coworkers

I started a new job a while ago, and they encourage everyone to make a video about themselves so that we can get to know one another despite working in all corners of the globe. Here’s mine.