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Ever since way back in 2010 humanity has been pondering what will be our fate in the year 2012. So far, John Cusack has been wrong: So we all continued to ponder the almighty Mayan Calendar, searching in vain for some small indicator of our horrible fate: Yesternight after much research and an abundance of […]

Childhood Nightmares

Anyone who knows me well will eventually learn that my greatest childhood fear was (and still is, to some extent) E.T. Yes, that’s right. E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial. The glowy-fingered, raspy voiced, prune-skinned, blood-sucking demon of the night. I was tiny when that movie came out. Way too little to go to the movie theater. My […]

Still Here

Ctrl Alt Del whoami >Edda locate space* >$result=’/home/existence/space_time_continuum OMFG! The world didn’t end. plump|pillow ./snore

The End is Near!

The Large Hadron Collider has raised some interesting questions. What are the limits of science? Do researchers have the right to conduct experiments that could theoretically negate all existence? Is creating black holes, however tiny, an environmental risk that people have the right to stop? The answer? Who cares?? If the world ends, you won’t […]

End the Zombie Threat Now

I hate Zombies. Why? Many reasons. They suck at science. They make a big mess wherever they go. (You think my gleaming polished chrome casing will look good with putrid gut splatter on it? I don’t think so!!) Zombies eat brains, and that’s no good. How on earth can we be humanity’s robot overlords when […]