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Museum Rock

Most of the music in my mp3 collection was not written recently. A quick glance at the top of my play count in iTunes shows names like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest. So of course two years ago I was stoked to go see Roger Waters perform The Wall in […]

The Mysterious Case of Thane Krios

I’ve held off on making the inevitable Mass Effect 3 post because I wanted to have a chance to let the game sink in. I’m now ready to complain like a good little gamer. My first playthrough I didn’t import a character. I wanted to see how the game held up as an individual unit, […]

Spam I can Love

If I always got spam like this, I wouldn’t bother using a filter.

How Return of the Jedi was Ruined

As far as I have been concerned, there have only ever been three Star Wars movies. The ones released in 1977, 1980, and 1983, as they were released, sans enhanced digital explosions and insertions of extra storm troopers, banthas, and ghostly Hayden Christensens. When my VHS copies of the unblemished original Star Wars trilogy wore […]

Cutest Viking Wench Ever

With a smile that sweet, I wouldn’t just let this girl in to pillage my home, I’d offer her milk and cookies while she did it.

Netflix Fail . . . Again

Netflix Fail

All I wanted was a nice first wave feminist documentary . . .