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Best. Prezzie. Ever.

My husband got me a present. It was a book. A book about art. A book about women depicted in art. A book about women depicted in art during World War II. A book about women depicted in art during World War II written by one of the rising feminist luminaries of our day. My […]

What I’ve Been Up To

Virginia Woolf said that all you need to write is five hundred pounds and a room of one’s own. She wasn’t just whistlin’ Dixie. To my amazement and gratitude, I’ve been given that kind of support over the last six months by my awesome husband, which has allowed me to work full time on the […]

Ode to a Succulent

O, Succulent Weed, leftover, forgotten and alone Left behind in thy terra cotta pot The previous tenant hath forsaken thee Left to endure nature’s hot And lonesome stare I did not want thee, Succulent And did wait for death’s sweet kiss Your species indeterminate I would not be remiss To let you pass And lo, […]

Dawww the kittehs missed us.…

Dawww the kittehs missed us.


Yeah so like I just rode my bike over to the health food store, although it was a pain before I left because I couldn’t find my flip flops and I really didn’t want to wear shoes that required socks. But luckily I found them over by where I keep the hammock. So like I […]

Ginger or Mary Ann?

Last night I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day properly — with good food, good drink, and most importantly, good company. The conversation drifted to the American education of my British spouse. He’s never seen Gilligan’s Island or Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, so we had to ruminate for quite a while on why these shows are so important […]

Today’s Menu

Corned Beef Brisket, slow cooked in the Crock Pot with Beef Broth and Guinness Colcannon Chocolate Guinness Cake Whiskey Guess what day it is?