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Why Dragon Tattoo Flopped

Looks like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo flopped. Not a shocker. Taking a perfectly good Swedish movie that has done fantastically well in the international market and remaking it in the English language shows that movie executives believe that Americans are too dumb to want to watch a movie with subtitles. Well, okay, some […]

Quests for Old Ezio

Now that the main character in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is like, old and stuff, they really should have included some content that addressed the realities of this issue better, such as: Cutscene: Ezio tries to turn on the charm to a hot babe, only to be told that he’s “adorable” and reminds the girl of […]

After four seasons . . .

After four seasons, I can’t believe I only just now have noticed how odd it is on Sons of Anarchy for the members of a One Percenter motorcycle club to bother wearing crash helmets when they spend every day getting into gunfights. Just sayin’.

Arkham City so far

Things I expected and have not been let down on: Awesome graphics Gorgeous attention to detail in textures and shading Good character development No wasting time with boring lengthy cutscenes Hunt for Joker trophies is less stupid this time The more open world format makes the game less linear and more fun Things I did […]

Hitchhiker’s Guide starring Monty Python

I wish that Monty Python had made a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie. Just think about it: Graham Chapman as Arthur DentEric Idle as Ford PrefectTerry Jones as Mr. L. ProsserTerry Jones as the Barman of the Horse and GroomJohn Cleese as Prostetnic Vogon JeltzTerry Jones as Marvin the Paranoid AndroidMichael Palin as Zaphod […]

What a Wonderful Smell

So something that always bothered me about Star Wars: A New Hope is the fact that nobody seems to change their clothes very often. I know, I know, Lucas was going for iconic appearances and the costumes from Episode IV are no doubt the most memorable. Luke’s karate uniform, Leia’s nightgown, Han’s Henley undershirt with […]

The Befuddler

The point of view cannon was a MacGuffin inserted into the plot of the movie version of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Ruckus though this caused amongst die hard H2G2 fans who felt the movie bastardized the book’s original message that we should each cultivate an independent, inquisitive worldview in favor of a Disneyfied […]